Rammed Earth Pavilion

Individually Led Project
Design Competition
Mar 2023

Rammed Earth Pavilion

Individually Led Project
International Design Competition
Mar 2023

We engineer our structures to stand forever, last through any weather, polished like treasure, often overlooking the fact that even our grandest monuments will eventually become nothing but pebbels and sand. Instead of being saddened by the fall of our creations, we should ask; what if its scars could be beautiful? what if death could give its life more meaning?

The fading pavilion is a temporary rammed earth pavillion that dissolves through coastal weathering. Located at the edge of the shoreline, the pavillion is exposed to the waves that flow onto the beach. Instead of repelling nature as the destructive enemy, nature is given the role as the second artist.

Construction layering diagram - front viewConstruction Layers of Rammed Earth Compound (Front View)Erosion process through time (Side & top view)

The pavilion is constructed of a series of rectangular rammed earth blocks arranged in an organic floorplan. Without any strictly defined spaces, visitors may interact freely with the structure as if it were a natural rock formation. Each block is composed of three layers of colored earth; red-orange (inside), white (middle), and dark (outside). As coastal waves crash onto the beach, curves are carved onto the strict rectangular forms through erosion, different colours are revealed from the dark outer shell, and a trail of coloured earth paints itself on the beach. The result, an one of a kind form created by a collaboration between man and nature.

The pavillion itself may become an exhibition where visitors can observe the current state of the structure. The sight of the decay, and the knowledge of it’s fall will hopefully make one value the present moment more, as one should with any moment. The fading pavilion seeks to shed light onto the beauty in imperminance. 

Rammed earth - Developed pre-design sketch

Developing pre-design sketch after selecting parti.

Rammed Earth - Initial stages and parti development

Early stages and parti development sketches.

Rammed earth - Erosion observations

Real life erosion observations, where the idea was born.
San Josef Bay (Sea Stacks), Canada.

Awarded Honorable Mention by Jury
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